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Παρασκευή, 23 Αύγουστος 2019
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Script Writers

(Beginners Class)

Toka Kalli
Mpalas George
Vogiatzi Matthildi
Anastasiou Petros
Arzoumanidis Vladimiros
Papavasileiou Athanasios
Papadopoulou Antonia
Dolyka Marianna
Koutsiona Eleni
Ampatzi Dimitra
Tzivri Xenia


Mcqueen: Look at the sign! Box 21 is lost in Disneyland!

Bob: Is it a joke?

Winston: No it isn’t.

Bob: But it is on holiday with the other boxes in Disneyland.

Winston: Can you help me find Box 21?

Bob: Yes I can!

Mcqueen: Hei! Who is he?

Bob and Winston: He is Seto Kaiba from Gugioh cards.

Seto: Can I help? Winston: Yes you can! Come on, let’s go to Disneyland!


Cinderella: Hi kids! How can I help you?

All: The box 21 is missing!

Cinderella: Oh really? That’s very serious! Follow me!

……She leads them into a big secret room….

Mcqueen: It’s really big!

Cinderella: you must search for four keys and afterwards I’m going to give you a golden shoe with magic power.

Bob: let’s look for the keys.

Seto: I found one! It’s under the table!

Winston: I found one, too! It’s next to the curtains!

Bob and Mcqueen: We found two keys, too!

Cinderella: well done! This shoe will help you identify Box 21 among the other boxes.


All: we are unlucky. We can’t find Box 21.

Seto: And now, where are we going now?

Mcqueen: Next princess is Jasmine. The princess of India.

Winston: Let’s go to India….

Bob: Hello Jasmine. We are the Smashkids and we need your help.

Jasmine: How can I help you?

Bob: We are looking for Box 21.

Jasmine: I’ve got a Jinni but it is only for one use. When you visit the last princess, you are going to use it. Jinni is going to satisfy a wish.

All: Thank you Jasmine. Bye bye!


All: Hello Mulan!

Mulan: Hello kids! What do you need?

Bob: We need your help and advice. How are we going to find Box 21?

Mulan: I’m going to teach you Tae-kwon-do!

Seto Kaiba: What is Tae-kwon-do?

Winston: It is martial art! Mulan show us! Perform an attack!

Mulan: Martial arts aren’t for attack! They are for defense. You must learn to control your power.

Kaiba: Do you mean that we use Tae-kwon-do for self-defense?

Mulan: Yes. You have to learn how to control your power as well as your anger. You have to be careful not to harm anybody.

Bob: Thank you for your useful advice Mulan! Bye bye!


Seto: Where are we?

Winston: We are in Beauty’s palace!

Bob: Where is the Sleeping Beauty?

Seto: She is in her bedroom. She is sleeping.


Bob: She is so beautiful.

Seto: Beauty, wake up!

Mcqueen: Use the ‘sleep’s filter’ to wake her up!

Seto: Look! She’s opening her eyes!

Sleeping Beauty: hey! Thank you! You saved me! Who are you?

Winston: we are Winston. Bob, Mcqueen and Seto! We are looking for Box 21! It’s lost!

Sleeping Beauty: hey! I lost my pillow! Help me find it! I believe it’s in the garden!!

Mcqueen: But there are a lot of thorns!

Winston: Bob! Have you got a knife?

Bob: Yes, of course! I always put a knife in my bag for my sausages! Here you are! Here is your pillow!

Sleeping Beauty: Thank you very much! I’m going to give you a present! A feather!

Winston: Only this?

Bob: this is not polite Winston!

Sleeping Beauty: it’s a magic feather. You will go to the past by using it! Bye bye!


The kids are looking for Snowhite. They are in a big forest and they are looking for Snowhite’s log-cabin.

Mcqueen: We are lost! We can’t find the exit!

Winston: No, we are not lost! Look over there!

Snowhite: Hello kids! What do you need?

Bob: You have to help us! Ok I’m going to give you an apple! But be careful! It is magic! Once you eat it, you are going to have magic powers!!

Seto: Thank you Snowhite! Bye bye!


Bob: Let’s go boys, we must search for one more time for Box 21!

All: Hello Esmeralda! We need your help! You must give us something that will help us find Box 21!

Esmeralda: Ok but you have a test to pass first.

Winston: What test?

Esmeralda: You have to run fast to take my tambourine. It is in the white tower. You must run there quickly!!

Bob: Ok. Mcqueen RUN QUICKLY!!!!


All: Hello Beauty! WE are the Smashkids! We need your help!

Beauty: Ok! I have a magic mirror which will show you the road for the next princess.

Mcqueen: Thank you… But where is the Beast?

Beauty: He is sleeping.

Seto: Why?

Beauty: Because he read many books!

All: Ok Bye bye! Thank you Beauty!!


Bob: Ok we are going to use the Jinni that Jasmine gave us! Winston, Seto and Mcqueen let’s make a wish!

Seto: Jinni take us to the place where Box 21 is!


Bob: Look all these boxes and robots! We’ll never find Box 21!

Mcqueen: And how are we going to win these robots?

Seto: Remember what Mulan taught us! Martial Arts!

Winston: Yes! Tae- kwon-do! Fight, kids, for your life! But first eat Snowhite’s apple!! Do you remember? It is magic!

All (except for Mcqueen): Yummy!!

Bob: What happened to Mcqueen?

Winston: Oh! He didn’t eat the apple! He is hurt!

Seto: Quick! Use the feather that can take us to the past, just before Mcqueen is hurt! Three, two, one….!


Bob: Wow!! Thank God, Mcqueen is Ok now!

Seto: How can we identify Box 21 among all these boxes?

Mcqueen: Quick! Use Cinderella’s shoe!

Winston: Look! The shoe is pointing at this box!!

Bob: Hey! That’s our lovely Box 21! We missed you!

Seto: Who was the robber?

Bob: I think that Robert the Time and Space machine was the robber.

Seto: But why?

Winston: One day he told me that he didn’t like Box 21 because we talked a lot about it and not about him.

Mcqueen: But we love Robert too! We travel in time and space with him! Ouf! Let’s sing a song! Our adventure is over!


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