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Παρασκευή, 23 Αύγουστος 2019
Stories: it could be true… Print
Stories written by Lexicon Μπότσαρη students. They could be true...

It was Friday morning when I went with my friend Sakis to fetch some wood to light a fire a barbeque. While we were walking in the forest we saw a beautiful deer in blood. It was wounded by an arrow. I felt very bad when I saw it. We managed to take the deer to a near by clinic for animals where a vet examined it. He said that it would be really difficult to rescue it.

We stayed at the clinic all night. Fortunately the deer opened its eyes but as the vet said it was very exhausted. Sakis left three hours later but I stayed.

In the morning, when I woke up I went to the vet who told me that the deer was not in danger. I felt relieved and happy. Fortunately it was a bad experience with a happy end.

Apostolos Halibakis,

Lexicon Μπότσαρη



My parents didn’t want me to have a pet until the day I received a gift from my sister. My sister you know lived in Australia, then. The present was a …kangaroo!! One sweet kangaroo. When they saw the present my mum started shouting at me and my father slapped me. I burst into tears. The kangaroo was jumping all over the house. My dad tried to stop it but in vain. My mother tried to consolidate me :

“Please don’t cry, don’t worry. I will give the kangaroo back to your sister.”

“No, I want it! Don’t give it back, please mom”, I begged her.

My dad who was running after the kangaroo in the house shouted: “I say no!” my father shouted.

My heart sank.

The gift was returned to my sister the following day. But I must say, I am still angry with my dad and I will never forgive him.

Georgia Nikolaidou,

Lexicon Μπότσαρη



One sunny day, I went fishing on a boat with my uncle and my two cousins. We were fishing for about half an hour but as we hadn’t caught anything we decided to return to the beach and have a swim.

As we were sailing back we got stuck on something ( at first we thought it was a reef ) and we couldn’t move. After a little while the “reef” started moving and the water became red (it was blood). We realized we got stuck on a hurt whale.

Scared and worried we called the police on our cell phone who contacted Greenpeace. An hour later the Greenpeace team came and helped us to reach the shore and drug the whale to the shore. A team of doctors circled the whale and took care of its wounds. They tried really hard to save the whale but its condition was very serious.

Poor creature! It died after a couple of hours. I started crying. I was so very sad. That was an experience I will never forget.


Lina Xanthopoulou,

Lexicon Μπότσαρη

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