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Παρασκευή, 23 Αύγουστος 2019
How can the teacher draw children into using the second language? Print

Extract from an MA exam essay on Teaching Young Learners

by Maria Papastefanou Teacher of English / Director of Studies (Lexicon K.Toumpas)

If the teacher wants to help children acquire English, (s)he should try to use English in the class as much as possible. For students to be able to learn the foreign language exposure to spoken input is absolutely necessary.

This input should be in accordance with the child’s cognitive development and, thus, focus on that which the child can easily relate to rather than on something totally unfamiliar. Gestures, facial expressions, visual clues as well as a variety of voices and accents should be used to assist comprehension and speed of speech should vary to allow the child to catch up. Repetition is also necessary since it allows the child to listen to new elements more than once and, thus, better internalise them, while reformulation of his/her utterances provides a model of the target language. Finally, the provision of feedback and praise will enhance student’s self-esteem and, thus, further motivate him/her to use the new language.
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