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Παρασκευή, 23 Αύγουστος 2019
Classroom practices that promote communicative use of language Print

(Extract from an MA exam essay on Task-Based Learning by Maria Papastefanou,
of English/Director of Studies)

It is a principle nowadays that task-based activities enhance learning. Many things could be used by the teacher as the content of tasks. Some of them are: stories, games and songs, riddles and rhymes, poems, videos, anecdotes and jokes as well as drama.

What is significant in all these cases is that they constitute an important source of input. By reading a story, listening to a song or watching a video the learner is exposed to a considerable amount of authentic language, while at the same time (s)he can absorb intonation and pronunciation naturally, get involved in creative use of language, internalise words and structures that are regularly repeated, and make sense of how English is used under real circumstances. In addition, there is a context in all these cases which is meaningful to the learner and which the learner can relate to. As a result, comprehension is assisted and motivation is enhanced. They are also fun and by focusing on meaning they stimulate interest and provide the foundation for language development. Finally, they are capable of lowering learners’ affective filter, thus offering a supportive environment for learning, and can lead to a number of activities with respect to all four skills.

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