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Κυριακή, 22 Σεπτέμβριος 2019
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Once upon a time, there was a big, happy family of snails. The dad, the mum, the grandpa and grandma and the little snail. They were walking in the forest and looking for a home. And while they were walking in the forest in front of big flowers, huge stones and delicious mushrooms, dad noticed a big, green caterpillar, which was eating the inside of a mushroom. Now there was enough room for everyone.

“It is big enough and comfortable for all of us, I think. It is the best house we could find” he thought.

So the big family began to prepare their new house. Dad and grandpa made a beautiful, wooden door. Mum and grandma swept and washed the floor, and cooked lunch. The little snail was dusting the shelves, which his father had made after the door. Grandpa also made some furniture; a sofa, three beds, a bookcase, a wardrobe, and with dad’s help a fireplace.

The next day, dad and mum went to the field to find some food for their family. They left the little snail at home and told it to listen to its grandparents. But the little snail was very disorderly and didn’t listen to his grandpa telling him to play with its toys. The little snails was laughing and wandering here and there. After a while, he had an idea; to go and find mum and dad at the field. So he said to his grandma:

  • I am going to find mum and dad!

  • No, little snail, no! You might get lost! You aren’t old enough!

But the little snail didn’t listen to his grandma’s advice. He jumped outside the house and started running and singing happily. He walked for hours in a path and when it started to get dark. The night was coming and the little snail was far away from home. He was very afraid. He was alone and lost and freezing. The trees looked like gigantic ghosts. Their shadows scared the little snail, which started crying. In a while black clouds covered the sky, and the first, big, heavy drops started falling. One big drop fell on the little snail’s nose. It was now so afraid that it started shouting “Mum, Dad! Where are you?” And then continued crying. The rain became stronger and the little snail managed to climb on a stick which was nearby. Now he was above the path. The water of the rain was running under the little snail like a river. The little snail was in trouble. It couldn’t move from his fear and was still shouting to his mum.

When mum and dad arrived home they looked for the little snail. Grandpa explained that the little snail had wanted to go to the field and they couldn’t stop him, because he was running very fast.

Mum started crying and asking for her child. Then they heard the thunders and were very afraid. Mum and dad went outside and started looking for their child. They were shouting at him “Little snail”, “Little snail” but there was no answer. It started raining and they had to hurry. They followed the path and in the end they heard a sad, weak voice asking for help and crying. Then they saw the little snail up on the stick and were very pleased and happy they had found him. They took him, hugged him and cried. But they weren’t angry and didn’t tell him off because the rain had done it for them. And that night they sat in front of the fire in the fireplace and told stories about the cold winter. And they lived for many years happily in their beautiful home.


S. Karanikola
Lexicon Neapoli

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